Young and Single – You’ll Love the Porsche Boxster

A car that was introduced to the world in 1996, that is one of the best-handling production roadsters you can find anywhere, is the Porsche Boxster. It has been virtually unchanged since the beginning, with only tweaks to the interior-options, and some moderate horsepower changes, but the Boxster is still a fast, powerful car. Typically whenever they have a successful model, Porsche keeps the style of the car for a long time.

In 2005, Porsche announced an even more powerful second-generation Boxster which didn’t stray from their normal design process. Much like a Porsche Spyder, it also has the two seats along with six cylinders and a mid-engine that it had in earlier models. The structure and electronics of the latest Boxster are still over 50% borrowed from the 911 Carrera. The 2005 offers considerably more power than the 2004 version due to alterations of the torque and increased horsepower. The 2005 Boxster S had been almost the same as the expensive Porsche 911 Carrera in acceleration and top-speed results.

Porsche Boxster

There isn’t any other vehicle that can have fun with such a distinctive trombone-like wail with its exhaust as the Boxster. Since the engine is a scaled-down version of the six-cylinder that can be found in the Carrera, that makes this an amazing thing. Incorporating a six-speed transmission is discretionary since the Boxster typically comes with a five-speed manual transmission. It can possibly get the five-speed Porsche-designed Tiptronic automatic transmission system installed, which is an excellent option. It is the result of an upcoming trend in which the driver will be able to manually shift an automatic vehicle. The Boxster isn’t regarded as an expensive car but it definitely has only the best in interior and exterior features.

Preceding versions of the car were judged for appearing to be inexpensive but the interior has received some quality upgrades in newer versions. Using a modified gearshift, and paneling with a titanium look, the center console has been improved. The new car has much better seats, with their body-shape as well as a lot better structure and support. With two trunks, one in the rear of the car and a larger one beneath the front hood, transporting baggage is a non-issue.

The Boxster is designed with a nice element in its powered convertible top which has the power to rapidly open and shut at speeds close to 30 mph. Heated glass makes up the rear window and the roof top is made up of three layers of sound-muffling padded cloth that will hold up in all sorts of weather. You can read more about exotic cars at this post on our site.

The six-cylinder engine that is situated behind the car seats in front of the rear axle, gives the Boxster the distinction of a mid-engine car. You won’t find the engine beneath the hood because it isn’t there. If you want to see the engine, you will have to look from underneath. Having the engine close to the middle of the car distributes the weight more evenly. This gives the Porsche Boxster its status for top-notch handling.

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